About Us

Coprolin – Innovative Financial Instruments

As a member of the Mandaris Group, the Coprolin platform specialises in the innovative structuring of assets. In keeping with the company’s Swiss heritage of efficiency and exceptional quality, Coprolin and its team guarantees the highest standard of service when it comes to securitising your assets.

As one of the first companies to make use of the plug-and-play Maltese platform-style models for securitisation, Coprolin is a well-established player in the field of finance and investment, and is not afraid to show skin in the game. This is why, as a firm believer in transparency, Coprolin is proud to brandish its name across all its work cells.

Platform for Securitisation


Coprolin was built from the ground up, with partner-sponsored financial instruments at its core. As a sponsor, you as our client control your choice of underlying assets, and define the investment product’s name and characteristics.

Value & Revenue

The securitisation cell – established to meet your needs and purposes – is designed to complement your financial offerings whilst generating a lucrative source of revenue at a competitive price. Not only do our products prove to be valuable to you and business endeavours, but they also increase profitability and client loyalty.

Efficiency & Flexibility

Our platform allows us to implement new programmes quickly and seamlessly, whilst offering the flexibility to customise these programmes to your needs.
For more information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Asset Securitisation Services – Turning Illiquid Assets into Marketable Securities

Coprolin SCC p.l.c. is a Securitisation Cell Company (SCC), a company incorporated for the sole object of entering into securitisation transactions. An SCC establishes within itself one or more cells for the purpose of entering into securitisation transactions, a financing process by which an entity transfers illiquid assets or risks to a dedicated securitisation vehicle in exchange for cash or equivalent; the securitisation vehicle is thereby financed by the issuance of transferable securities. While a securitisation cell is not a legal person separate from the SCC, it constitutes by law a separate and ring-fenced patrimony of the SCC. The SCC is regulated by the Securitisation Act and the Securitisation Cell Companies Regulations.