Fund Services

The Services of the RICC

A RICC is not itself a collective investment scheme and may therefore not itself carry out any licensable activity as such. A RICC may only provide services of an administrative nature to its associated funds (the Incoporated Cells or ICs), in relation to which it must first be issued with a Recognition Certificate by the Regulator, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), in terms of the Investment Services Act. The administrative services are listed in the Schedule to the Regulations and comprise:
  • Provision of administrative services related to the establishment of ICs
  • Procurement of external service providers and approval of any subsequent changes
  • Negotiation of service provision agreements and subsequent changes
  • Submission of any model agreements to be used by ICs
  • Liaising with and submissions to the Regulator with regard to any changes or amendments to model agreements and submission of any new model agreements negotiated with service providers for the approval by the Regulator
  • Signature of tripartite agreements between service providers, the RICC and an IC based on the model agreements
  • Standardisation of any other documentation to be used by ICs
  • Approval and joint signature of any applications for licenses (including variations, extensions thereof) to be submitted by or on behalf of incorporated cells which are in the course of being formed
  • Provision of written declarations identifying any changes to model agreements already submitted to the competent authority, including a NIL declaration confirming that no changes have been made
  • Provision of ancillary services as may be approved by the competent authority
Our RICC has a number of pre-arranged service providers, such as directors (including corporate directors), custodians, auditors and compliance or money laundering reporting officers. With the regulatory credentials in place and a near-identical, systematic method implanted, these service providers are able to offer their assistance with a pre-conceived structure already in place.
For more information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.